What I'm Loving Thursday


I'm loving the extra opportunities I have to spend time with God. And all I have to do is look a few inches from my face into Parker's, and I know He's right there, spending time with me too.

I'm loving the fact that I can say Parker has kicked his cold about ninety percent to the curb, and he finally has his eating mojo back. He's back to putting his meals away like they're trying to get away from him, and that makes me one happy momma!

I'm loving having my mom back in town for a few days, and that she admits she just can't stay away.

I'm loving it that one of my favorite places to shop in town opened back up yesterday after being closed for several weeks for remodeling. And what's even more to love is the fact that Jim watched both boys so my mom and I could go and shop until our hearts were content.

I'm loving the smell of homemade chicken pan pie coming from my kitchen.

I'm loving this idea for Jake's fourth birthday bash...and yes, I'm about to use it, and I can't wait. Oh! And neither can Jake.

And last but not least, I'm loving this quote I read today...Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons. ~Ruth Ann Schubacker

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