Our Week in Review


Hmmm...I could actually probably sum this up in one short paragraph with several key phrases like mucus, vomit, and laundry, but I figured that wouldn't be any fun. And it might sound like last week was a total downer (which is wasn't) if I did that, so I'll ellaborate instead.

Thinking back, I can't believe a week ago today, we had been home from Dr. B's office for just about an hour. Parker was one snotty, coughing, vomiting, pitiful punkin', and I was pitiful right along with him. The one thing worse than being sick myself is for one of my babes to be sick, and I was just too miserable for words for him. But thankfully, his RSV test came back negative, his oxygen level was great (97 percent), and Dr. B couldn't hear anything in his lungs when he listened to his tiny chest. I felt better when we left his office, but not by much. We came home to keep "doing what you've been doing" and get our newest babe well.

On Tuesday, it was "P" day - Punishment Day and Pajama Day. Before I took Jake to school (where he got to wear pajamas - Scoody Doo ones - in honor of their studies of the letter "P), he lost his cool and I lost it with him when he called me a "stupid mommy". Not good, Buddy. Not good at all. (This is where the Punishment part comes in). And all because I wouldn't let him have another gallon ziploc bag to put some of his toys in to take to school with him (point a) I had given him two the night before, and point b) he's not supposed to take toys to school anyway.). Seriously? I keep telling myself over and over, his days of being the age of three are nearly down to single digits and wondering if the day he turns four this will all disappear. Probably not, but a momma can dream right?

On Wednesday, our spare bedroom was occupied once again. My mom got here that morning, and she was hoping she came bearing magical powers to heal Parker. Just kidding. But for real, she is way worse than me when it comes to managing the stress of sickness, so she came to offer moral support if nothing else. She cooked, she baked, she helped me make lists for things I need to make Jake's 4th birthday one to remember, we went shopping (several times...for scrapbook paper, party favors, formula, groceries...exciting stuff like that), we watched a Hallmark movie, she did our taxes, and yes, she offered major moral support. She was here all the way through Saturday - and to see Parker pull through his cold completely and Jake do his weekly laps around the pool...okay, so he's not there quite yet.

Yesterday morning, Jim and Jake went to church while Parker and I camped out on our couch and watched Dr. Stanley on TV. We all tooks naps in the afternoon and had our own little Super Bowl party here at home (complete with hot wings, sub sandwiches, and nacho cheese dip). We settled in and waited to see which commercials we would love best (or at least that's why I watched it anyway).

And then today...today, I decided Jake was due for a three-day weekend, I was due for the best company only a three year old can give (because love erases things like being called a stupid mommy a week ago today), and Parker was due for some bonding time with the best big brother he could ever wish for. We played with dinosaurs, I wrote this blog post off and on all throughout the day, I missed Paula's Best Dishes at 11am because Little Bear was on, I hashed out what's happening on The Bachelor via text messaging, and I kissed this (and the other one, of course)...

dozens and dozens of time.


This week was definitely not a total downer.

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