No, Spanish is not a second language for me.

But I just so happened to notice Dora the Explorer was on when I scrolled through the guide on my television a while ago, and ever since then, the few words of the Spanish language that I know have been stuck in my brain. So instead of a good 'ole English language "Thank you", you get a good 'ole "Gracias" instead.

Anyway, what I really want to say is a huge, heart-felt "Thank you" to my girls at U of A who (when I'm at work full-time), I spend more waking hours with each week than I do my family. The ones who laugh with me and make me laugh, watch the same TV shows I do each week, listen when I need to vent, shop in the same places for kids' clothes, get ecstatic over planning birthday parties for the ones they birthed, and love their families more than life itself just as I do mine. They are truly picking up my slack, pulling my weight, filling in my gap, and making it possible for me to enjoy another seven weeks of pure newborn, bonding bliss and think of nothing else.

They are on my mind tonight, and I just wanted to say to them... Thank You! Or Gracias! Or any and every other word in every other language that means "Thanks for everything!"

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