Tonight while Parker lays against my chest swaddled in his Aden & Anais purple monkey swaddling blanket and Jake lays next to me in our bed watching Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated, I've been looking for several of them.

Jake's fourth birthday is a month from, so hard to believe, but that's beside the point. I thought for sure this may be the year where he has his own wish list for the type of party he would like to have, but I swear he has changed his mind more often than I've showered in the past three weeks. And then there's the little issue of his answers to the magic question ("What would you like to do for your birthday, Baby?") being things he's pulled straight from his massive imagination. Like wanting to see robots sitting at the table next to him sharing his birthday cake? Okay, yeah. So after that one (and I'm sure now you understand why) I've pulled the trigger, and I'm taking this one into my own hands. Maybe next year, Buddy. So tonight I officially went on what I'd like to call a "Birthday Party Idea Hunt", and I think I may have found the perfect one. I'll definitely keep you posted on what I come up with...just as soon as I quit changing my mind as often as Jake has (Yes, he gets it from me.  What can I say?). And just so you know, planning my oldest baby's birthday party is pretty much more exciting than Christmas shopping for me, so I'm seriously okay with being able to create his party...for at least one more year anyway (Thank you, Baby, for being so indecisive.).

I've also been looking for ideas for a bathroom re-do.  The bathroom that Jake and Parker now share is in need of a touch of Parker.  As of right now, it's all about Jake with pictures on the walls and countertops of him playing on the beach and monogrammed towels that hang from a decorative towel rack.  I've absolutely loved it, but I loved it for Jake.  Ideas and inspriation to make it the best of both their I come!

And last but not least, this blog is ready for a makeover.  After all...we are no longer a family of three.  We've added one more, so changes are on the way.  As soon as I finish planning a birthday party for my favorite soon-to-be four year old and making over the bathroom, of course.

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