These two (and all of us as one big family of four for that matter)...

were reunited on Tuesday after spending a three whole days apart.

Our separation started on Saturday when my mom and dad came over to watch Jake take his swimming lesson and show Parker some love before he "outgrows Jake" (as my dad put it). We were all together for that part...and the part where we all went to Cracker Barrel for lunch...but when the grandparents started their trip back home, their backseat was one Jake plus one suitcase full.

While Jake was riding tractors and searching for monsters through my parent's house with his cousin Emily, Jim and I were here with Parker.




Three whole days we had to soak in our newest newborn. We took naps at the same time, ate dinner without realizing he was even in our presence, passed him from chest to chest, snuggled him between us in bed and talked about who he looks like most, and pulled double-duty when he needed a bath. While our normal routine consists of major tag-teaming, for these three days, there were two people with two pairs of hands, two hearts, and two sets of open arms all for one little one. I instantly remembered what this phase of life was like when Jake was this age, and it was Heaven on Earth...


Now, our new Heaven on Earth is the completeness we feel when Jake is here. It's the controlled chaos. It's asking Jake to pick up his toys that he's been playing with all night and seeing him go crazy with excitement when I tell him he can help me get Parker ready for bed. It's reminding him that we pat backs and bottoms, not heads and watching him jump on our bed while he watches TV. It's knowing that Parker isn't as excited about the newest dinosaur that came from the treasure box at school, but pretending that he is just to make his big brother proud. It's hearing over and over, "We love Parker! Don't we, Mommy?" and being comforted in the fact that he still doesn't think he's too big to lay on my lap.

So while we treasured every moment of the precious hours we spent with Parker and can't wait to make both he and Jake feel extra special by spending time with them individually, we treasure even more being back together again.

Yep!  Being reunited definitely feels so good!

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