Where Shall We Wander Today?


If you guessed Jake and Parker's pediatrician's office, then you guessed right (unfortunately there's no prize for that, though). Because there's no way we can go a whole week with out seeing Dr. B. It just wouldn't be a week in The Landers' Life (which is going to be the title of my blog when it's all customized, by the way, some time in April) if we didn't. And yes, I'm wiping my brow as I type that sentence because today it was for Parker's one month routine visit.

We discussed a small rash and raw skin that he has on his little tushy and found out that he now weighs eight pounds and eleven and a half ounces and is twenty-one and a half inches long. He got a clean bill of health, his Hepatitis B booster, and the Reddest-Face-of-the-Day award (bless his heart). Oh!...and a consolation prize of the Tasmanian Devil band aid he's still wearing on his left thigh (which Jake thinks is pretty cool, of course).

And now he sits perched on my chest having just finished his (almost) midnight snack while I blog.

There's snow on the ground outside, and it's still coming down...which means we'll be wandering no where tomorrow.

And that's more than okay with me.

But only now that we've met our quota of doctor's visits for the week, of course.

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