skills and grades


Yesterday, Jake got his first Karate "Report Card".  He got B's on his kick form, discipline, and focus.  He got A's on his balance and flexibility.  He got a B+ on his kata memorization.  And he got A+'s for having a positive attitude and speaking up (yes sir).  His Sensei wrote this at the bottom, "I have enjoyed teaching Jake Karate this year very much.  Whenever I see him, he has a smile on his face, and he is always willing to try whatever I ask of him.  He does struggle with focus and discipline every now and then, especially when he and Gabriel get together.  We have worked on this, and he is improving his control, and I am proud of his progress.  Keep it up!"  I'm proud of him in every way, but I'm especially proud of those A+'s... not because they're A+'s but because of what they're for - having a great attitude and showing respect.  He's got heart, he's building character, and he's working his social game.  High five, Buddy!


  1. So proud of Jake.... and not surprised at all! Can't wait for him to show me his moves! :)