Today is the big day - Parker's birthday.  He woke up to us serenading him with a verse of "Happy Birthday", but at 6:30 in the morning, he didn't appreciate.  It's all good.  I got him dressed for school, and we cuddled on the couch to an episode of 3rd and Bird.  He skips breakfast at home now because he'd rather be snuggled while he drinks a cup of juice...melt.  I picked him up this afternoon and met one of his new friends.  On the way home, we stopped for McDonald's happy meals.  And tonight he was sung to by his Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Cathy, and cousin Emily over the phone.  I'd say he had a pretty great first day of being two.

I think his party this past Saturday turned out great too.  Picking a theme for it based on what he loves was pretty easy.  That would be either Munchkin brand sippy cups or balls.  Balls it was.  

The guest list was a super short one because he just started going to his new school this past Wednesday and we're still fairly new at the church we're visiting.  It was just us and my family.

They came early, so we had tons of time for pizza, presents, cheese balls, and gum balls.  His new battery-operated four wheeler was a hit and so was the singing; but he didn't blow out the candles on his cake.  He blew after Jake showed him how to, but it wasn't enough to put them out so Jake blew out one, and I blew out the other.

Afterwards, we went to a place called The Playhouse.  They have a blow up bounce castle, two ball pits (one big one and one little one), and a big playground with two slides.

So, so fun (Even Grandma took a turn playing in the ball pit.) and the perfect place to avoid a meltdown from being pushed way beyond his normal nap time.

A quick ride home, and we all crashed.

Parker, you swell my heart to three times its size.  Happy Birthday, Hoo!  I love to the stars...and beyond!!!


  1. Love hearing of good times and celebration with the family that I love! Happy Birthday Parker. The party looks magazine worthy Cindi!

  2. You did a GREAT job and he is a doll!

  3. Happy Birthday Parker! What a fun party theme. I love all those bright colors. And snuggled up on the couch...precious!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet boy! You did a beautiful job on decorations!!! SO CUTE! I did not realize how close our boys are, Joseph turns 2 on FRI. To bad were not closer I am sure they would have a blast together or least get in some trouble :)

  5. Thank you, Everyone! You all really know how to make a momma feel proud! I'm so blessed to have you all in my life! XOXO

  6. how fun!!! happy birthday to your son.

  7. You did SO good!!! Such a cute party!! Looks like he had fun. Have a great weekend!