Last week I was in a total funk, and I think my coworker, Misty, described it best when she said I probably had the winter blues.  I feel like I do this every year/Winter, but I think it hit me hard last week because our three-day weekend just flew by, I didn't sleep great on Monday night, and I woke up so overwhelmed by stuff that now doesn't seem worth being overwhelmed over.  

What a huge plus it was to have sunny skies the past two days and temperatures warm enough to get outside for a little while.  I even got started on my Spring cleaning projects.  I've decided I'd rather do it now than during Spring Break (one of the best perks e-verrrr about working for a University).  So on Saturday, I started with our laundry room, kitchen and sitting room (they're all connected) and gave all three areas a top (from the vents in the ceiling) to bottom (to the floors) wipe down/vacuum clean (leaving some of the vacuuming like the tops of the cabinets to Jim).  I even polished our kitchen cabinets, and they look fabulous - even with all the nicks and dings and scratches they accumulate daily.  Oh the territory that comes with having boys and their toys.

Here's a quick snap I got of Parker at top speed on his newest toy that he got for his birthday.  

I hope y'all had a great (and sunny) weekend too!

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