This past weekend, the youth in our church participated in Disciple Now which is a weekend-long retreat for 7th through 12th graders.  Instead of going to a cabin in the mountains or a condo on the beach, they spend the weekend in small groups in the homes of church members and then get together as one big group four different times throughout the weekend.  When they all worshipped together, they were sung to by Bethany Barr Phillips.  She also sang yesterday morning which means I got to hear her.  Oh she was sooo good!  Besides having an incredible voice, she's just beautiful and has the most amazing testimony.  She's not only married to Andy Phillips, a University of Alabama grad and baseball player who went pro and is now back to be the assistant coach of the team, she's also a cancer survivor and even more miraculously a mommy to a three year old little girl, Isaiah Jewel.  I liked everything about her so much this morning I decided to see if I could find any videos of her performing on youtube.  I found lots of her singing, and then I found this one where she shares her testimony...which is even more powerful than her voice.

More from our weekend later.  I hope you all had a great one!

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  1. I love Bethany Barr-Phillips. She sang (performed? whatever ;)) at an international adoption retreat I attended last year. She was phenomenal and so uplifting! :)