after three days


I've been so distracted this week and knee deep in hot glue and party circles at night - so much that I haven't made time to write about our week.  And I totally get that I'm posting this on perhaps that means I'm wearing my Friday-colored (Rose?) glasses; but I have to say even after three days, it's been good. 

On Wednesday morning, we drove to school and parked in front of the preschool building.  Jake quickly unbuckled his seatbelt (Which he hates to wear now after almost six years of buckling up every time we put our vehicles in drive.  We have to ask him many times to put it on.  He groans about not being able to reach it.  He looks for reasons to unbuckle it.  Is this just a phase?) and grabbed his things.  Parker decided if Jake was bolting it might be high time for him to do the same, so he also started to get restless.  I asked, "Are you ready to go to school, Park?"  He said really excitedly, "Dooool!  Dooool!"  Ask me how much I LOVE him.  I gathered his new robot backpack and nap mat and carried him inside.  He hugged my left hip a little tighter as his new teacher approached us, and I knew then he wasn't quite as sure as he was just a minute before.  So we walked around to take it all in - see what his new classroom looked like and hang his backpack on "his" hook.  We made our way into the hands-on/one-big-children's-museum area, and that's when he saw it - THE fish tank.  After a couple of minutes of talking about the fish that lived there and watching his classmates crawl up on the table in front of it to watch them eat their breakfast, he pushed himself away from my shoulder and slid down my leg.  He never looked back or knew when I left.  Since then he's been just as cooperative when we leave him in the mornings, and he's been happy and content every afternoon when we pick him up.  The tears may come next week, of course, when the newness wears off, so for now we're enjoying the easiness of these first few days.

As for the rest of us, it's been just as smooth - even getting up a six in the morning.  Not fun.  Just smooth.  Don't take me too far.

I hope your week has been smooth (maybe even fun) too.  Birthday party photos are coming soon.  We celebrate our soon-to-be (Tuesday, to be exact.) terrific two year old tomorrow morning.  Eeeek!  T.W.O.!   

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  1. We are two weeks from celebrating two also. Oh what FUN days :)