winter white


Snow started falling about mid-morning on Thursday and by noon, it was looking like something from a movie scene.  I couldn't take it anymore (watching it from our office windows), so I texted and called the boy's teachers and said I'm on my way.  After slipping and sliding off campus, kidnapping my honeys, waiting over fifteen minutes for a train to pass, changing to a different route from the one I normally take to get home, and spending altogether over an hour on the roads to get home, we spent two glorious hours in our front yard winter wonderland. 

Parker was not the snow's biggest fan.  He laughed when I got hit by balls of it that Jake threw at me, but when he noticed it sticking to his shoes, it ruined the fun factor for him.  He chose to stand on the sidewalk and watch...and cry.  Oh well.  The rest of us had a great time.

Jim even skipped the change-into-something-weather-appropriate and helped Jake build a monster snowman - still wearing his tie.  Hey, in Alabama you just never know how long it will last so the minutes and hours are pretty precious.

Ahhh...two hours just wasn't long enough.  Here's to hoping we get another "dusting" that they're calling for as soon as before the month of January comes to an end.


  1. You're a good mama to go get those boys out of school to play in the snow! I'd do the same thing since we only get it maybe every other year.

  2. The boys are adorable! We didn't get much at all in our neck of the woods. Just a few flakes. Both boys were lucky enough that they had teachers who wanted to take them outside to play in the falling flakes :) I love the shark hat and mittens...where did you find them?

  3. Thanks and love ya, Melissa!! Although I'm still trying to decide if it was more for me or for them. :) LOL!

  4. Thank you, Sara Beth!! I'll start doing a little snow dance for you the next time they're calling for it in hopes you get more. :) The shark hat and mittens...I found them at GAP probably two seasons ago. ?? I want to say Jake was two/turning three when he wore those. They weren't really quite Parker's size this year, so I think they'll last for one more season. Yippee! Anyway, I always love their accessories. They seem to have the most original, funky, fun stuff...especially for boys. :)

  5. What a fun day! Mason would totally pull something like Parker did, not liking the snow sticking to his shoes. It's the silliest things sometimes. I love your snowman.