red, white, blue...snowflakes?


As we drove through a close neighborhood to pass the time while we waited for our large pepperoni pizza to come out of the oven on our way home earlier today, we talked about the grey kitty we saw on one person's front porch seat, and then the big kid started noticing birds.  I guess animals were a theme?

"Mom!  There's a red bird!  I really saw one!  Have you ever seen a red bird?"

Yes, I have actually.

"For real?"

Yep.  I'm for real.

"Oh Mom!"  I jus' saw a blue one!  An' he had white snowflakes on his tail an' everything!"

Still wishing I hadn't missed that one...and saying Goodnight,


  1. So sweet I just Love the things kids say:)

  2. it's the simple things that are the best.