Our Kitchen, Easter Sunday


Late, late Sunday morning, Jake came running through our back door for us to welcome him home, and before we knew it, our kitchen smelled like ham, hard boiled eggs, creamed corn, black eyed peas, and two kinds of rolls.

Their Easter buckets lined our kitchen table.  Parker's was full of Sesame Street books from the dollar bins at Target, Apple cinnamon and Sweet potato Graduates squeeze pouches, Goldfish, a Sesame Street food storage container, and Graduates Lil' Crunchies.  Jake's was packed with chocolate bunnies, Trolli sour worms, skittles, bubble gum, and a water toy to play with when we hit the pool this Summer.  And not to leave Miss Emily out, I filled hers up with color wonder paper and markers, a box of Hawaiian Punch water flavor packs, a new nightgown, and candy, candy, and more candy.    

My mom and sister made lunch while I made Resurrection rolls with Emily and Jake.  They were so, so good, and we had such a good time making them.  And I'm pretty sure I was just wearing my heart on my sleeve, but I completely choked up when we talked about what each step in making them meant and what each ingredient stood for.  

While they baked, my sister helped Emily dye just a few eggs and had a slight meltdown when she colored not just an egg but part of her brand new shirt, Jim did the man thing - watched The Masters,  Parker got his zzzz's, and Jake got busy cracking open what the Easter bunny brought him.

my mom and dad

I think I speak for all of us when I say our lunch was one worth waiting for - even if we didn't have the sweet potato casserole I've decided since then our menu was missing.  And I think I speak for my mom and my sister when I say we'll be making more Resurrection rolls waaaaay before next year's Easter Sunday.


  1. Sounds delicious! I love the pic of your mom and Dad so sweet and special :)

  2. good for you! faith and family together ...perfect!
    yummy menu!!