What a week!!  All in all, we had one appointment with our family's dentist (Jake's that was three months overdue), one set of Kindergarten registration papers to drop off, and one appointment with the boys' pediatrician (Jim took care of that one for me.  Thank you, Buddy!).

And on top of all that, I went into organize/audit/move-to-storage-as-many-as-possible all the files I'm responsible for at work beginning on Monday.  And I promise you by Wednesday, my bed time was just minutes after Jake's (Parker's is about an hour before his.).  I was tired!

Our weekend has been a lot of rest, weekday recovery, and rearranging furniture.

We watched Jake play T-ball yesterday morning, we grocery shopped, we took naps (Well, at least Parker and I did.), and we finally found something we both agreed on for the loooong wall in our den.  After we put it there, our furniture seemed out of place, so we moved it around.  I like it.

Between Easter and well, all of the above, I guess, I'm a whole week behind on wishing Parker a Very Happy 15 Month Birthday!

At this age, he's:
not a full-time walker (But this past week, he took more steps on his own and practiced standing a lot.)
super high maintenance (i.e. If you put him down...he cries.  If you leave the room...he cries.  If I'm putting on my makeup, and he's not sitting at eye level on the counter...he cries.)
waving bye bye when he feels like it
has a new found appreciation for the taste of hot dogs (cut into pieces, of course) and McDonald's french fries
weighing right at 21 pounds and measuring right at 32 inches tall
and has an ever-increasing vocabulary (So far, he's saying momma, dada, ball, dog, and Uh-oh! as well as if he'd made them up himself.)

By the way, I have a video of him saying "ball" and "dog".  It's a short one, but you get the idea.  I'll post it as soon as I can steal the power cord to the camera that it's on out of Jim's backpack.

Here's to hoping this week is a less tiring one!

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  1. Wow I can not believe he says ball and dog, I'm impressed. Joseph is 15 months all he says is oooouuuuuiiiii and mom usually mom is a desperate cry LOL. Your little guy is just to cute, I love the pics!