Hippity Hop


My first try at making Resurrection Rolls was a complete success.

Our refrigerator smells like hard boiled eggs.

And when it comes to getting the two of them together, this is as good as I got - no Sunday's best dressed, Parker's not happy, and Jake is squinting the other way.

Our Easter Sunday has been one of the best days ever.

"...My Redeemer
He lives to take away my shame.
And He lives forever, I'll proclaim.
That the payment for my sin
was the precious life He gave.
But now He's alive
and there's an empty grave...
Let all Creation testify, 
Let this life within me cry, 
I know my Redeemer lives."

~Nicole Mullen, My Redeemer Lives


  1. so glad you enjoyed your day! I love that song!

  2. So glad you had a blessed day, that pic is so cute, I love it!!!!

  3. A great picture nonetheless! Happy Easter...Amanda