You know that birthday party?


The one that we're supposed to have on Sunday? Uh huh. That one. It's being postponed until next Saturday. Long story. Keepin' it short. The custom fondant cupcake toppers that I ordered two weeks ago were mailed to our old home address and are in the process of being forwarded or returned to their state of origin with is Utah. (Oh, I gave her the new one, but no, she didn't use it.)     

And then there's Grandma. She's vomiting.  Enough said.

Lah-dee-dee lah-dee-dah.

Moving on....

To be completely honest, disappointment would have definitely set in by now had we not done this last week.  

A visit to All Fired Up is an annual event for us.  We started the tradition two years ago when Jake made a Christmas gift for Grandma and an ornament to hang on our tree.  Christmas of 2010 became let's-wait-until-Baby-gets-here-so-he-can-make-one-too, so we put it off until February.  And then there's this year.  The one where we let twelve days come and go without putting it on our To-Do List, and I actually wondered when we would go until at (almost) the last minute (the Friday before when I discussed my options with my coworker, L, after she asked me, "What will you do on Sunday for Parker's birthday?"), we made it a date.

The lights came on at 1 in the afternoon, and we were there.  We picked out our pieces to paint, put globs of different shades of green, red, yellow and brown into white plastic trays and went to town. 

Jake's - a Christmas ornament in the shape of a reindeer.

Parker's - a mitten with his hand printed almost perfectly on top and on the first try which completely surprises me to look at it (I think when we did this last year, it took at least three, maybe four, attempts to get a footprint that actually looked like one.).

The oldest who temporarily lost his smile (He was incredibly disappointed that a) he "didn't get to jus paint, um, a plate" and b) that he "didn't get to paint sumthin' else."  This time we were keeping it simple and budget friendly and realistic on how long the birthday boy would last before he started running on fumes, throwing his head back, and wallowing into an it's-waaaaay-past-my-naptime meltdown.).

Oh he looooved the brushes.  Even the way it tickled his skin as she painted a good coat of Lime Rickey green on his left palm and fingers. 

He got it back.

I think this may have just become a birthday tradition.  A semi-annual event maybe held on January 8th and then again quickly February 27th?  Loved, loved, loved celebrating his special day this way, and I can't wait to see how the souvenirs made especially by them turn out. 

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