Dear Jake,


I just want to start by saying I love you - more than you'll ever be able to comprehend really. And I understand at times you think I don't and you fold your arms and say, "No one loves me. NO ONE! Even YOU don't love me!" But I'm here to tell you I do...unconditionally. And so do a lot of other people.

And I promise you that your yellow beyblade is just as cool as your blue one, and it'll be okay when you have to take it instead because you can't find any others before you leave for school. You may think, "No one's gonna think this one's cool!", but I'll bet they will. And if they don't you'll learn that life goes on. Really. It does.

Last but not least, it'd be really awesome if the next time we went to Target you didn't boldly profess from the basket of our shopping cart that you, "jus' wish [I] would kill [you]" or that you "jus' wanna run away and hide somewhere so no one can find you." Neither I (or anyone else probably for that matter) wants to hear you say those kinds of things. You'll also never get your wish (I'm not the killing type...especially when it comes to my own children. Sorry.) and by the time you get to the end of our street, you'd most likely get tired or hungry and want to come back home anyway. I'd also like to see you grow up, so I hope you'll reconsider wanting "to kill [your]self" because I didn't buy those Legos for you. There will definitely be more trips that we'll make to Target and more opportunities for you to expand your Lego collection. Rest assured.

Oh! One more thing. I really do love you. Pinky swear. I do.


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