Well, this week, we're full of things to celebrate - Number 14 (And that's all I've got to say about that - mostly because I watched the national anthem and a whole two plays. Such is life, I guess, when you have two under-five's that need to be nurtured and crockpots to clean. But I hear the Crimson Tide played with as much class as Nicole Kidman carries around with her everywhere she goes. And they won. So all's well that ends wells.) and Baby's first year (Because his Very Hungry Caterpillar party is still to be had this coming Sunday, and it ain't over until we all sing to him in very imperfect harmony.).

But before we get to that (and while I'm in the process of going back in pictures to the day - his Birth Day, of course - and compiling a slideshow of my faves that I've taken of him since then), I've got to take you back to Christmas break.

I don't think I told you that for the last five days of it, we lounged at home - pj's until it just felt wrong to be wearing the same pair that we put on the day before and getting our friendships on (We had dinner with James, Tonya, and the fam twice, I think, spent a few hours leading up to 2012 at Dwight's house grilling out and letting Jake slap some snappers against the pavement, and talked among a "Small Group" from church.).

We also took advantage of the whole milk we have in our house now because Parker's drinking it and wasted some perfectly bottled food coloring just so we could test out the milk and dishwater soap experiment I've seen MckMama and a whole bunch of others do via Pinterest (of course...where else?).

This was so incredibly neat! Oh he just loved it!

We poured the milk out of the lid (to a Tupperware container) I was using to hold it in several times just so he could start over with new colors combos to see how they looked all swirled together.

And it really worked (which is always a plus).

This is the kind of stuff that makes me say, "I was more than just his mom today. I was his teacher and his babysitter all at once - because you know teachers get all experimental and babysitter's rarely say no to anything because they just want them to be...happy. We made a mess and left food coloring stains on his pajamas, and it's all good."

Yeah, we'll totally do this one again (when Jim's not looking so we don't get asked, "Isn't that being wasteful or something?"...What.ever.).

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