weekend therapy


"Momma! You're the best momma ever!" That's what he said to me this afternoon as we left the playground in our neighborhood. He's been asking to go since...well before we moved in, so today we seized the moment of seventy degree weather (because from now until Spring it will be hit or miss) and spent nearly an hour at play amongst the mulch, two slides, and a set of monkey bars he said were for big kids.

This past Wednesday we welcomed my mom. And the smell of country fried steak, mashed potatoes, butter beans, cornbread, and fried okra welcomed us one day and lasagna, carrot cake, four new pairs of socks, a Cinnamon Spice Yankee candle, and "Real Moms Real Jesus" (late birthday gifts because she wanted to give them to me in person) welcomed us the next.

We wrapped up our week with appointments for flu shots at our pediatrician's office, Jake restricted to his room for calling his Grandma and "old woman", and steaks on our grill as our way of saying "Thank you again! We couldn't have done it without you." to the ROTC cadets who helped us make the move.

Jim didn't make it to see Graceland today as he has hoped, but he did make it to Memphis (a quick overnight trip he had to make for work).

After we left the playground, Jake, Parker, and I went to Target to replace my hair dryer and buy cupcakes and cookies for the Thanksgiving feast that we'll share with Jake's classmates this Wednesday.

By Thursday, our countdown will probably be all the way to minutes as we wait for Friday (which is also Grandparent's Day at Jake's school...He's been reciting Psalm 100 over. and over. and over. for the program.) to come and go. The days of Thanksgiving will be under way, and I'll be spending the entire week at home (and at home with my family) - the kind of therapy I experience every Saturday and Sunday extended well beyond forty-eight hours.

And yes, if the temperatures are warm like they were today, I'll definitely be spending another hour or two like we did today...amongst the mulch, two slides...and a set of monkey bars he said are for big kids.

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