Grandparent's Day


Our house was the fullest it's ever been on a weekday this past Friday morning. My mom and dad drove on Thursday and stayed overnight just to wake up early with the four of us so we could all make it to school on time. Jake's has a tradition of honoring the grandparents of its students around Thanksgiving instead of in September (when the holiday actually has a date on the calendar). I guess so they have time to settle in to new routines, new teachers, and new classmates - and to have time to do stuff like memorize two songs and a whole chapter of the book of Psalm (which is what all three K4 classes did and recited it together on the stage in the school gym).

We dropped Jake off in his classroom and found seats as close as possible, and then my dad secured copies of the program, some muffins, donuts, and orange juice.

We watched Jake sing songs to wish his grandparents a "Happy Grandparent's Day", and he recited Psalm 100 (Jim got the whole thing on video.).

I was so very proud of him; and it was most definitely one of those, "Wow, he's really, really growing up!" reality checks, you know?

But seriously as proud as Jim and I were of him...

nothing tops how these two felt.

"Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged; parents are the pride of their children." 
~ Proverbs 17:6 ~

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