Yesterday I took the day off both from work and home so I could take off at 4:30am for the Atlanta Cash-and-Carry Market with Erica. We opened 'er up and shut 'er down, and three buildings built at thirteen floors or more full of things that make a Christmas tree glow, things that give light to a room and add color to a wall, and things that make hardwoods soft, blew our minds and our budgets.

For the last several days Parker has just He's in the process of cutting his sixth and seventh tooth. Today we welcomed his sixth, and his seventh is as close as it comes to the skin it lies beneath.

Jake prefers to sleep with his bedside lamp on, so when he goes to bed at night, we don't turn it off (kind of random, that one...but true), and tonight while I took the sheets off of our bed that we've slept on more consecutive nights without washing them than we should have, Jim took the mirror off of the wall above our mantle and replaced it with the new and bigger one I bought yesterday.

And the last episode of 19 Kids & Counting I had saved in our DVR just went off which means I'm about to drift off to sleep.


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