He loves him. He loves him not.


I guess since it's been since Friday, I should probably back up a few days (even though I love where I'm at right now - enjoying the morning with my laptop while my legs are still tucked underneath the covers of our bedding).

After we all spent the better part of twenty bucks apiece on books at the book fair Jake's school was having and showered him with "I love you!"'s and "I'm so proud of you!"'s and gave his teacher a Thanksgiving gift (homemade pumpkin bread courtesy of mom and two-inch thick socks), the grandparents went home. I passed the next seven hours away at work like it was less than one and ahhhhhhhhh...the weekend.

We spent the really early part of Saturday morning in Jake's room - just reading books and keeping the small things away from Parker - and the latter at the Children's Hands On Museum and Chick-fil-A with Tonya, Ashtyn, Morgan, and Taylor, and on Saturday afternoon we heard from my mom that my grandma (my dad's mom in Arkansas) had passed away. She had been back and forth between a nursing home and the hospital for a couple of months, my dad had been back and forth between home and Arkansas to visit I-couldn't-keep-count-how-many times, and by the time my mom called, he had left again. He wanted to go alone, so we let him (Jim may very well be the only person who gets that about my dad.).

On Sunday, my grandma celebrated her 86th birthday with Jesus, and before I left home with Jake and Parker to spend a few nights with my family, we spent a little over an hour at Bryant Denny Stadium. It was the annual stadium tour for Big Al's Kids Club members, and it.was.crowded. But hey, it's the one day all year that Jake gets to play football where "the football players play", so you just kind of roll with it, and you go regardless of the fact that it's been raining off and on all morning and could start again at any second while you're there.

How is it that one loves him and one doesn't? 

Waaaay too much face to face time before I left him in his lap. Oh you better believe I'll be backing Baby in next time...strategy.  

And no, Daddy holding him didn't help him show any love towards him at all.  Sigh.

We made our way an hour and a half east where I spent a few days with my family and got started on my Christmas shopping. I have no list at all, so I'm literally buying things that scream, "Buy me! He'll love me!" So far, it's been Operation (the game), The Lion King and Cars 2 on DVD, a couple of beyblades and a playdoh set that turns cars and trucks that he'll make out of molds into Transformer robots.  I came home yesterday as a company of one.  And when Jim got home, we went out to dinner, the mall and Target and then watched Horrible Bosses before we said goodnight.

Today I'm thinking about what I'm thankful for (Last Friday on my way to lunch, I saw a Children's Hospital helicopter outside of our hospital in Tuscaloosa, and it made me really stop and think about what a gift it really is to have healthy babes. Stuff like that really hits home for me, you know?). I think I'll go out in a little while and get a manicure (because I never do and because my mini-me's are ninety something miles away) and look for a coffee table. And hopefully by the night is over, it will be squeaky clean and look a lot like Christmas in here.

Happy Wednesday, Ya'll!

And just in case I don't pop in here tomorrow (because I'll be back with the whole fam in the morning and eatin' up some dressing and deviled eggs and sweet potato casserole) to say it, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!  I hope everyone who reads this has a zillion things to be thankful for and is reminded of every single one! 

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