"Bowt and Arwows"


So ever since we moved and our drive to and from home is sort of over the hills and through the woods, deer in our headlights are what we're looking for if we go out at night. We have Jim on the left with his brights on and Jake doing a little bobblehead action from the back while we cruise at 40 mph tops and hope to see at least one. And when we do (see one), the backseat goes wild.

This has happened more than once, and we've even seen some grazing in the open field behind our house, and after all the squealing and "There's one!"'s have died down, he starts talking about how he just wants to "keel one."

And (somehow?) he knows a bow and arrow can get it done, so he starts asking for a "bowt and arwows" so he can "keel uh deer".

It's all he's been asking for (a "bowt and arwows"); so when my mom called me from Wal-mart and asked what she could surprise him with this past Wednesday, it's what I suggested.

After two days of waiting (because on one he spit on a classmate's arm and the second he didn't come when his teacher called him to come off of the playground) and just hours before he called his Grandma an old woman (Out of anger. And at his pediatrician's office while we waited for a solid hour for flu shots. Which is such a long story that ends with Parker in his car seat while he got his and mine and Jim's plans for a night out being cancelled and me saying "Just once I want to leave my house and not wonder if I have a diaper or a bottle!" while we changed clothes in our closet.), he pulled the string of his bow and shot arrows for as long as possible.

And I can assure you that so far, no deer have been harmed just yet.

But look out eight points!

'Cause this one's getting good at shooting his arrows.

And he's coming for ya!


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