Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving Day was a lazy one for the most part. We ate smoked turkey (the one and only way I've come to love cooked turkey...Thank you, BIL) and sifted through two newspapers, The Montgomery Advertiser and The Tuscaloosa News.

I haven't quite pin-pointed why, but on-line Black Friday ads just aren't my thing. I still prefer to put two quarters in, pull the handle, then grab the thickest one and spread it out all over the floor as I circle something that catches my eye.

This year I circled nothing, but I'm okay with that.

Parker has started clapping this week. It's the little things, like this one, that make me realize it really is possible to forget all the stuff they somehow just do. Like when you walk in the room after they wake in the morning and find them sitting up instead of lying down (Yeah, he's doing that too.).

My BIL and Jim played golf while my Aunt Mary, Cousin Jimmy and his family all came over in the afternoon to visit and jump on the trampoline and ride the golf cart. Their stay was definitely way too short (it would take days to totally catch up), but Thanksgiving dinner was waiting for them (we ate lunch) and Happy Feet Two at four o-clock was on the books for me, my sister, Jake, and Emily.

That night we ate leftovers and then called it a day kind of early - the perfect thing to do after two rounds of the best food you can put on your plate all year.

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