What A Change


Well, it's been a week now since our clocks have been rolled back and hour, and I have to say I have had the worst time with this time change.

I have no idea why it's hit my so hard because usually, I'm am a serious night owl.

But for whatever reason unknown to me, I have been hitting the sack even earlier than I would if we were still on our old time schedule.

I can honestly say not only is this the first time I've had our home computer turned on since last Sunday (Well, I guess that's partly, too, because I know if I do turn it on, a certain someone will want to hog it completely so he can play his favorite games on Starfall and NickJr - doggone computer classes are paying off, I tell you!), and I have been fast asleep by no later than 8:30 each night (except for one...Wednesday, I think).

All I can say is, I hope by now I'm adjusting and will quit sleeping my life away. Otherwise, my DVR is going to quit recording all of my favorite TV shows and may even start flashing "Disk is Full!  Disk is Full!" across the screen (because watching them is what I usually do once Jake has been tucked in), and I'm going to have a serious rude awakening in a few months when I actually have to start living on less than 6 hours of sleep each night (broken down into hourly increments, of course, which definitely brings a whole new meaning to the word Zombie).

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