Today...a radio station that I listen to pretty regularly starting playing Christmas tunes around the clock. And I've already heard the one from the Peanuts Christmas Special three times.  I'm really beginning to wonder if listening this early is a good idea.  I'm worried that at this rate, I'll be sick of hearing Christmas music altogether by Thanksgiving Day.

Today...Parker and I got a clean bill of health at our 30-week checkup.

Today...Jim and Jake had a guy's movie night. They rented Toy Story 3.  By the time I got home (which was around something like 7:30), it was beginning to go off...for the second time.  Can I get a "Like" button right about now? has rained...and rained...and rained some more.

Today...I was having a really good hair day.  But then drop-off spot number 4 was taken when I got to Jake's preschool.  And since I just mentioned that it has rained...and rained...and rained here today, you can guess what happened to it.

Today...I got several pairs of these in the mail, and I'm absolutely counting down the weeks until I see Parker wearing them. mom made homemade lasagna per my request, and it was ridiculously scrumptious.

Today...I realized that a new pair of pants I bought must be returned.  Unless, of course, I magically start to grow taller instead of heavier.  What a bummer.

Today...I have been operating on less than four hours of sleep.  And!

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