Showers, Showers, and More Showers


Today, we got even more rain showers. Not quite as many as yesterday, but still I was wearing my rain boots in to work this morning, and I wondered if I should have put them on again when I left because once again, it was starting to sprinkle.

Speaking of showers, I was given one this past Friday to celebrate Parker.

It goes without saying that I get super sentimental when it comes to things like this.

It also goes without saying that a giant chocolate chip cookie from The Great American Cookie Company is one of the best desserts on the planet.

The amazing women that I work with day in and day out are also some of the best on the planet.

Meet, Michelle, Tammy, and Lisa...

Angie, Carol, Laynee, Michelle, and LaDonnah...

Erica and Tiffany...

Alaina and Misty...

and Kelly and Linda (And no your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. Kelly and Linda are due within three days of each other just a month after Parker).

This experience would not be the same without them...

and neither would my wish list from Target because of the massive gift card they gave me. I'm pretty sure I will own everything I need for Parker and have some to spare when Jim and I go on our big shopping spree on Thursday (since we have the day off and all thanks to the Athletic Department changing Saturday's football game to Thursday instead and for giving us all the day off so we can so graciously share our parking spaces with all of the fans who'll come to watch the Tide play that night).

And I've already had one tonight - a shower, that is - but I need to scrub the dried and crackling clay mask I put on my face way more than five minutes ago (which is how long you're supposed to leave it on for) that Jake says makes me look like a puppet. 

By the way, if you're grasping for straws like I am to fight the inevitable aging that's gonna happen (I think for me I'm about to add another ten years to my face based on the lack of sleep I'm already suffering from), Oil of Olay's Deep Cleansing Facial Mask is the bomb!  I absolutely love it - so much I could care less if I look like a puppet.

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