What I'm Loving This Week


I'm loving....

it that I've slept like a baby - any time of any day.  In fact, I ate that way, took showers that way, had absolutely no schedule at all, and it was complete paradise right here in my own home!

my new do!  Finally...the blond highlights are back, and I'm pretty sure I've told them every day since I got them how much I missed them.

my heating pad - because it's worked wonders for this mean upper back pain.

that I technically got nothing done (Or at least that's what I would ordinarily feel like - trying to scratch things off of a list of "Things to Do" and feeling like I actually accomplished stuff like doing extra cleaning or projects around the house), but what I did do is more important than anything I didn't do.

Pillsbury reindeer and snowman ready-to-bake cookies that Jim found on clearance at Target.

the time I spent this week with my husband and son that I'll never get back.

my list of New Year's Resolutions (that I usually don't make, but this year, I'm going for it) that's still a work in progress, and the thought of actually accomplishing every single one.

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