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Well, 2011 is in full swing. The first day has come and gone, and it's been a great one. From resting to doing laundry to watching Julia Robert's movie Eat Pray Love to deciding I will never spend over twenty dollars again to have an applique sewn onto one of Parker's gowns and doing it myself to doing pretty much anything else I can do while reclining, it's been fantastic.

I also happened to run across these old photos when I was going through all the ones that are tucked away on my computer and thinking about how another year has come and gone.

In fact, I could have sworn these are taken just this past year, and then I realized they're actually from 2009.

They're also from our trip to the Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, Georgia - one of which I've shared way back when.

The way this place works is you rent a van (Or you can use your own vehicle - but having done this one time around, I seriously never, ever recommend anyone do that...ever!), buy some food, and try to make your way through the crowd of animals that will literally come right up to your vehicle, and stick as much of their bodies as they possible can inside with you to reach the pellets of food they can smell a mile away.

They'll follow you, acting like they've never eaten in their lives and will allow you to reach right out and pet them like a new puppy that Santa Claus brought last week.

It's one of the wildest and, come to think of it, most un-natural things ever...

just ask my Mom and Dad because they were with us.

This was definitely one ride was my mom was more then ready to get off of...

but judging from his expression, he had the time of his life.

These two were pretty happy we came too.

After a water break and visits with a few more animals that weren't allowed to "roam free", we called it a day -

a day, a trip, an experience we won't forget and hopefully one day get to do all over again (Only next time I'm certain my mom will pass on the opportunity. Yep. I'm pretty sure this was a once-in-a-lifetime for her.).

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