Prayer Request


There's a blog I've been reading for quite a while now.

It's called A Southern Boy and a City Girl.

I don't know Becca, the author, personally. I only know her through reading her blog and her super great sister-in-law, Misty, who I have the priviledge of working with every week day.

What I know about Becca is this. She has a husband named Zach, and one of the most scrumptious eight month old little girls for a daughter that I've ever seen named Zoe. Becca has a heart for people and, most of all, a heart for Christ. And today, she also has a burden.

She recently found out that she is pregnant with her second baby, another girl to wrap around Zach's other available fingers. When she went in for a 12-week ultrasound, the ultrasound tech (and ultimately, her doctor) noticed there was some "extra" fluid around her tiny baby's tummy. She visited a specialist almost immediately, and this, among other complications, were definitely confirmed.

My heart is so heavy for this mommy-to-be and for this tiny little one they are calling their "Grace Baby".

I believe it's in time like these that Heaven meets Earth, and Jesus meets us exactly where we are, face to face. I also believe that with Him, anything is possible...healing is possible. And that's what I'm praying for.

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