Weekends are...


...never long enough.

Except for this past one.

I decided to take most of the day off on Friday to spend it with Jim. He got in late Thursday night...about 10:30pm. I literally cried when I saw him, and I'm pretty sure I just about knocked him down in the driveway when I ran out to meet him. He had a safe and easy flight home...unlike his departing one. To me, this one was the one that counted. So if it had to be one or the other, I rather it not be this one. I'm trying not to even play out the scenarios in my mind at how I might have handled him not coming home to one very anxious me on Thursday night. It definitely would not have been pretty...I can assure you of that much.

...for shopping.

This is exactly what we did on Friday. From boggling our minds with realizing just what all we need to buy before January for the extra person whose being added to our family (since we were so careful to not keep any.thing. from Jake's infant days) to birthday gifts to groceries (since I haven't been since right before he left, and we didn't have a single juice box or ounce of milk in our refrigerator), we did it all.

...for date nights.

Although ours wasn't very over-the-top, it was still pretty wonderful to take that extremely late afternoon nap, leave on a whim to go out to dinner, see who else was buying groceries at 9 o'clock at night, and stay up late planning new furniture arrangements.

...for coming together as a family.

Saturday morning, we met up with my mom, sister, and Emily in Birmingham. (And yes, this would make twice that we went there. But that's okay. It was planned that way.) Jake had been with his grandparents since Wednesday night, and since my mom and sister had previously planned some back-to-school shopping for Emily (And yes, Jake managed to walk away from the deal with a new pair of shoes, too.), we met them there that morning. I still kick myself down to this very moment that I didn't have my video camera handy. Jake's reaction to seeing Jim walking towards him was tear-jerking. He squealed as loud as he possibly could (In fact, I'm pretty sure everyone within three stores of where we were could hear him.), and charged right for him as fast as his three year old legs would carry him. Priceless...and I think I mentioned, tear-jerking.

...for cleaning and re-vamping closet space.

Square foot to square foot, I cleaned our house while Jim cut grass and added shelving to one of the closets in a spare bedroom. It feels nice, and I especially like the fact that he managed to add some things to my "pile" of things that will be in our next yard sale.

...the best!

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