Movin' On Up



this little explorer will be moving up to K-3 at his preschool.

He'll be in Ms. Faye's room.

And from what I've heard, this is where the "good" toys are.

It's also where Cooper and Allie Grace will be...two of his favorite playmates.

He's being "separated" from Brayden and Allison...the other two peas in his pod...but I'm sure he'll adjust quickly...considering he'll have all of those "good" toys to play with.

For the past two days we've been reminiscing about our trip to Desoto State Park (which is where I took these photos) to go camping and doing breathing treatments.

He somehow managed to come down with a Summer cold.

And how wonderful of him to give it to me.

And how wonderful it has been to have his grandma here for the past two days (this sentence is obviously not sarcastic like the previous one).

But tomorrow, it's back to the norm. His grandma will be gone, and he'll be movin' up!

K-3 and not blowing our noses every few we come!

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