I think it's safe to say...


I contemplated an update about this time last week, but I was afraid I might jinx the sickness fog that I felt like had been lifted. 

Not that I could, but after two weeks of it, I was willing to try anything.

I took Jake to his pediatrician for his six-year checkup the Friday before this last one.  Perfect timing because he was still having some of the same symptoms, which we talked about.  So he ordered some tests, and the one for rotavirus came back positive.  OMG!  I'm hoping our first experience with that will be our last.  Even my mom got it because we had been there the weekend before when it all started.  Makes me feel like a real winner for sure.  But she said, "No worries.  The time I had with you and the boys was worth every trip I made to the bathroom."  Ahhh...she always knows just what to say.

So after his doctor's visit and diagnosis, he had one more really rough night and just a couple more where he woke up once or twice, and our life was as we knew it.

You may have seen on Instagram that we went to see and "ride" on Thomas the train.  I randomly called in to a radio station and won two tickets, so with Jake feeling almost one hundred percent again and Parker's sickness nothing but a memory, we went.  The train ride itself, to Parker, was not so thrilling (maybe because we were in an indoor car?), and he let it (and his age probably) show, but oh the games and tattoos and hot dogs were a huge hit.

Other than that, it's just been life as normal and just doing what we do...

catching all of the zzzz's we missed over the past two weeks

when Brother leaves his bowl of cereal up for grabs...

bike-riding...He's finally grown into his bigger one, but the training wheels are no where near ready to come off.

Haven't you heard?  Even the playground can be a good place for a meltdown.  Sigh. 

"Ooooh.  You found my hat.  Thank you.  Thank you.  THANK YOU!" -Sherriff Woody   Yep, even he needs to get out...take a walk in an open field...get some fresh air...feel like the real cowboy that he is every now and then.  


  1. glad everyone is feeling better! : )

    1. THANK YOU so much!!! :) You're the best!

  2. So glad you all are better..... hope your momma is too! Ashtyn had that as a baby and it is brutal!!! As always, love all of the beautiful photos of your sweet boys!

  3. Been there and done that... NO FUN! SO happy to hear your are all on the mend. Love your AMAZING pictures as always:)

  4. Thanks, Crissy and Tesha! Love you, Ladies!!

  5. sorry to hear of all the sickies. i hope everyone is completely healed!! that was so nice of what your momma said, so sweet!