Today is my parents' wedding anniversary, so I'm dedicating this one to them.  They are my first true heroes, and in my opinion they are THE bar.  Forty-six years is the real deal; and after all that time, they still love each other like crazy and are as inseparable as they were back in the day.  It's immeasurable, really, and I keep proof of it on our bedroom walls.  On one, I have a postcard they bought while they were on their honeymoon but never mailed it.  Crazy, but Jim and I honeymooned at the same place they did (Chattanooga, Tennessee), but I don't think I realized it at the time.

And on the other wall, I framed two of the scenes from stationery that my dad used to write my mom a letter on while they were separated the first year they were married.  The Air Force moved him to Turkey, and the airfare was too much for her to go right away.  So while she stayed behind and lived with my grandparents so she could save enough dough to get her there, they exchanged letter after letter, and she kept them all - all this time.

Mom and Dad, the paper version of a card wishing you the happiest of anniversaries didn't make it into the mailbox on time, so this is it for now.  May you have many more years of wedded bliss - the kind that has lasted from letters with sketches of what your first apartment looked like, Mom, so you would know what to expect when you left home for the first time...all the way to right now.  You're simply the best!  All my love...  


  1. precious post!! so incredibly sweet! happy anniversary to your parents! what a legacy and testimony!

  2. What a great tribute to your parents. What great examples they are to you growing up and now you continue that with being an example to your kids. :)