Is this thing on?


Again!  I'm behind weeks now, and I think this time I fell into the time hole of Spring Break.  The week before was insanely busy for me at work - trying to cram it all in, get it all done, get it all off of my desk so I don't have it hanging over my head when I come back kind of week.  The week of we only traveled near - not far at all or for any length of time - but the days still went lightning fast.  They always do.  And then last week, we were doing our best to get our groove back (as much as we could while Jim was traveling for work).  

I debated on whether or not to start where I left off or with the most recent.  I couldn't resist the most recent...because temperatures warm enough to draw with sidewalk chalk in the driveway totally barefoot while eating our own bowls of chocolate ice cream are too long-awaited not to share immediately.

Totally filled pollen-polluted air and all...I'll take it!


  1. I hate that feeling of being behind I am only four years behind on my picture albums;/ Love those sweet curled up little toes:)

  2. Ahhh! Love warm spring days. Our cars and even the driveway are a yellow/green color because of the pollen but I love the smell, sound and feel of spring!

  3. I LOVE this weather we're having!! So great to be barefooted, to play outside, all of that!