I'm his biggest fan. Humor me as I brag.


Well, these ten plus days have just been slap full.  Dental appointments, praying for mom who's got a small family of kidney stones in her left one, vacation-planning, a major purchase, a sun up to sun down road trip...let's see...what else.  Or not.   

It sounds a bit cray but really other than the kidney stones, everything I mentioned is nothing but happy.

The school year is winding down (Who else is in denial about this?) and so is karate class.  Right here, right now, I don't know if it will continue.  I'm leaving that up to him this go around because I think he's ready for that.  Or should I say that's what I feel like should come next.  He's been there done that so loving it enough to keep going is something only he will know he wants to do.  But oh, I'm so proud of him.  He's looked forward to Tuesdays since his first class, he's worked hard, he's stayed focused.  He's soaked it in, stuck with it, and he's truly learned - not just how to break boards or Kata routines - but the things that made me sign him up for it in the first place...the things that build character.  One day on the way home from school, he was talking, talking, talking about bullies and bad guys and what you should do if you encounter one, and at the end of his whole spill, he said, "Mom, thank goodness I do karate!"  After nine months, not only is he convinced but so am I that he's a David that could conquer a Goliath, brush it off his shoulders, and say, "Have a nice day!" before he walked away...just like Sensei Micheal has taught him to.

This past Tuesday, his class had part one of their rank test - breaking a board.  Part two is this coming week, and they'll go over their Kata routines, and if all goes well, he'll earn his yellow belt.  Here's a video of him breaking his board.  I'm still amazed when I watch this that he's gone from having to stomp on it to break it for his first rank test to this.

Two thumbs up, Buddy!  You make mama so, so proud!


  1. Such determination! Great video. What a proud moment. He will protect his mama now that he is a pro. :)