SB '13


I think there's definitely something to be said for staying put the whole week of Spring Break.  Other than a spur-of-the-moment trip to pick up a rug for our living room at a Pottery Barn in Atlanta, we stayed totally in the county we live in.  

(showing me his boo boo)

We dodged the cold weather and rain by hanging out in our garage (Side note: Ever since we took the boys to the Disney Live show in Birmingham a few weeks back, Buzz Lightyear and Woody are THE stuff.)

and scratching things off of my to-do list that I made the week before - getting Parker's haircut being one of them (Earning a sucker for good behavior while having it done is always a plus.).

Later in the week, we worked on making our hardwood floors look as close as possible to good as new.  Stanley Steemer came in one day, and they just couldn't cut the Orange Glo residue that was making them super dull in places (Not I, but the homeowners before us used it.  Word to the wise - never ever use Orange Glo to shine or clean hardwoods.  Ever.).  So (day two) Jim googled and found a solution - a mixture of ammonia, hot water, and elbow grease.  Seven hours of scrubbing every square inch on our hands and knees later, they were squeaky clean without a cloudy or dull spot in sight.  Day three Stanley Steemer was back in the house to apply the maintenance coat to seal it and give it its shine back, and literally we just stood and stared at how good they looked - hard work that totally paid off.

On Saturday, my mom and dad drove over from P'ville to spend the day with us and to celebrate Easter.  My mom cooked the most amazing lunch, and the boys hunted Easter eggs more than twice.  Need I say more?  It was perfect.

All in all, it was just a good week.  We watched movies and took naps.  We refereed arguments and took time out for ourselves (the little boys spent time with their friends at school a couple of days, specifically the ones we were working on our floors).  We accomplished much and spent time with our family that we'll never get back.  Two thumbs up to that.        

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! My kids love to play in the garage:) Glad you had a nice Easter with the family.