They say things comes in "threes".


Poor Parks!  Last week was just not his week!

By this time last Sunday, he had fallen off of a chair in our kitchen and bruised the left side of his face.  On Tuesday night while he and Jake were playing in the bathtub, he fell and hit the edge of it.  He broke off the bottom edge of his left front tooth and left it bleeding, loose, and purple from the bottom of his gumline to the top.  I called our family dentist on Wednesday morning, and he referred us to a pediatric dentist because of his age.  They got us in within the hour, and he gave us a great report - keep anything that will cause pressure on it out of his mouth for several days, the looseness should tighten in about ten to fourteen days, and just watch for any swelling out of the ordinary.  He's also asked to see him back in two weeks for a recheck and hopefully will be able to tell more then about long-term damage.  And if all of that wasn't enough, he rounded off his weekend with a stomach virus.  Bless.his.heart.

He's been schooled now on being accident and illness free (It's the way to be!  Right, Buddy?), so I'm praying he keeps it that way at least for a little while anyway.


  1. Poor guy! Hopefully the worst is over.

  2. Oh my goodness. what a little trooper! I hope he is feeling better!

    thank you for stopping by my blog. I am a new follower. Your boys are adorable and you take GREAT pictures!

  3. Poor honey!.... so happy he wasn't hurt worse. Hope you all have a great (albeit uneventful) weekend! :)

  4. poor baby!! But look at that precious face! <3 Hope things look up from here.