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If I was keeping it real, I would say I couldn't wait to upgrade my phone just so I could use Instagram. I wanted so bad to take pictures with an iPhone and then turn them into little tiny square ones with old Polaroid style borders and special effects. Now I do - but not as often as I thought as I would...probably because I just don't think to pick up my phone to take a picture. But I'm getting there. Here are a few that I've made so far.
Parker eating cookies on the table during his two year check up and playing on Grandma's iPad, our Valentine's Pinterest-inspired teacher gift (Thanks for sharing the idea, L!), Jake getting his grill polished at the dentist, Happy Valentine's Day to me! (He's taken. Don't even try.), and a impromptu breakfast with Jim at Panera Bread (one of our favorite breakfast spots)

To see all the rest, my user name is calanders1105. Let me know what yours is so I can follow you.  

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  1. Cute pictures! I am following you on instagram! My instagram is hnwhitcomb. :)