the greatest of these is love


I really wanted to post this last week, but time just got away from me between doctor's visits, Valentines (sixty of them for Parker's preschool-mates plus teachers and eighteen for Jake's classmates plus his teacher - I'll be searching for an easier way next year unquestionably), and a Friday night date with Jim thanks to the Parent's Night Out our church hosts ever so often. 

This is from a book my mom bought for me after she got back home from her recent stay with us.  She called me at work the day after she bought it (reading it before she mailed it to me obviously...I'll let it slide), and read this paragraph...

"He's a Male

     There's nothing like stating the obvious, but your husband IS a male.  Just by watching your husband's actions, your son will figure out Oh, THAT is what a man does.  That's how he acts. 
     If your son sees a close, loving relationship between you and your husband, he's more likely to have the same type of relationship with his future wife.  After all, he'll have seen the best of all role models!
     Your knight will polish up his armor for you if you give him the least bit of encouragement.  No, he's not perfect, but neither are you.  Life's not perfect either.  But why not love and enjoy the man you chose to marry?  Why not help him be the best dad he can possibly be?" 

~What a Difference a Mom Makes, Dr. Kevin Leman

I've always known that love is something that has to be taught and therefore learned, but it still rocks my world when I read it in black and white and I'm reminded just how important my relationship with Jim is.  To our littles, we are the picture of what love looks like.  They are learning how to love someone else by what we say, what we do, and how we act - not just to them...but to each other.

Thanks, Mom, for the book.  And all the advice that comes in it.


  1. Love this. So thankful for the awesome (step) dad God brought into my kids' lives for that reason...

    1. I am too, Melissa!! And I LOVE following along your journey through your blog. You have such a precious family...hands down! Love ya!

  2. I grew up in a house where there was no love displayed at all. I vowed that I would show my children what love looks like and feels like. I married the perfect guy to share that love with. I know that through our examples, Matthew will know he is loved, but most importantly, he will know how to show love and kindess toward others. :)