Tonight it was just the little boys and I because Jim had gotten an invite to play golf with a co-worker.  So for dinner instead of eating something similar to last night (i.e. pancakes, jello, pretzels, an egg sandwich), we went straight to Chick-fil-A and then to Kmart.  I swear Kmart is the only store that carries the ONE sippy cup that Parker will drink out of, and it's right at Chick-fil-A's back door.  When at Chick-fil-A.........

We walked in, and to the right there was one of those machines full of stuffed animals - the kind where you guide the claw over the one you want it to pick up, then you push the button, and the claw does the rest.  Jake saw it and started talking about our latest experiences with them at different restaurants (not so good), and then he came up with an awesome idea..."Mom, I think they should jus' give us our money back if we don't win."  Love that boy!

We shopped and checked out, and even though I knew I wouldn't get my money back, I tried anyway.  It took two and a whole dollar (I promise you if I ever became a gambler, I'd be compulsive.  I just have to try one more time.) , but we won!

And this guessed it...our lovely prize!

What I really like about him besides the sun? on his left paw is his tag that reads, "You gotta play to get 'em!"


  1. That makes me feel so much better that we're not the only house that has completely random dinners that don't really go together, but that don't elicit screaming "NO's" from my almost two year old! Congrats on your "win"!