just wednesday


Yesterday, Jake went with his classmates to Shark Tooth Creek with Jim as his chaperon.  

I actually had to Google the place this morning to see what all they may have done while they were there besides collect shark's teeth because other than, "Yeah, we had a real good time." when I asked how it was hoping he would expand and moans and groans about "I didn't get to keep any."  Well sure you did.  I see a bunch in that bag.  "That's not a bunch.  That's nothin'!"...I got "nothin'". 

According to Jim, that bag was almost halfway full, and they had a total of 4.25 pounds of shark's teeth; but the maximum each person could keep was fifteen.  I guess if I was five and looking at sixteen (he counted one as two and ended up with an extra one) compared to probably a hundred, it might look like none to me too.

These are his favorites.

And at Parker's preschool, it was "Pizza and PJ Day". 

He had been wearing them all day, so I figured what was another thirty-minute walk around the neighborhood.

What was great was just after he got a little bit beyond our mailbox, he looked up at Jim and grunted for him to stop.  Then he "cruised" his way around the side, situated himself next to the seat and tried to climb in all by himself.  Guess he decided he'd forgo the "walking" part of going for a walk and ride instead. 


  1. Ha life through a child's eyes. My Jadon can have two cookies and say he got NONE because he did not get five;) It always PJ day at my house LOL

  2. Shark Tooth Creek sounds way fun to me!