Number 3


So I'm pretty sure every Saturday morning I die of cuteness when I sit to watch Jake play T-ball.

If you've never seen the controlled chaos of a game of T-ball, the best way I can describe it is this - it's as precious as a newborn baby (or if you're a mom to all girls...a dance studio full of tutus).  

Those little gloves go down in the grass but only after the ball is already behind it.  And the speed with which they run is...well...anything but speed.

These are all from Jake's game a week ago this past Saturday.

The name his team came up with to call themselves is "Blue Angels" (completely inspired by when they were here for the air show last month).  This year they're actually being pitched to some in preparation for the real deal, and Jake's done awesome.  He definitely misses here and there, but he's getting it off the bat.  Way to go, Buddy!

As for Parker,  oh he's there - eating, pointing, "Ball! Ball!", and soaking it all in.

Just like this Mama.


  1. These are adorable pictures, Cindi! What fun.

  2. Great pictures Cindi, I love them. It is so sweet to watch our little guys do theses big boy things :)

  3. Precious! My little boy has his first soccer game Saturday. I am pretty sure I will DIE of cuteness then too. He is the smallest on the team and I just adore him! I can't wait to see him in action!

  4. I have heard the Sandlot is a great place to play! I'm pretty sure I recognize my little friend Ever in that handshake line up!! :)

    You have one precious ball player!!