Pool Party


Every year at the end of t-ball season, the whole league gets together, families included, for one big pool party.  This year's was last Thursday and so. much. fun (as if his expression didn't say that for me).

It was great not only to get to know some of his teammates' parents and catch up with some we've known for more than just this season, but also to watch the little dude get his first taste of "swimming".  

The zero entry was a total hit.  He could choose his own comfort level - which by the end of the night was as deep as I'd let him go.  He totally went for it after crawling and cruising in and out of the water for most of the time we were there, got all the way to the middle, and pulled himself right up to the "island".  Can somebody blow me a whistle?    

One of Jake's besties, Eric is behind and to the left of him in the grey t-shirt.  Besides both being Sandlot members, they were K4 classmates all year, and I hope that doesn't change in August.

At the end of the night, he got his trophy and a serious case of hunger pains.  Nothing a little cheese quesadilla from Moe's couldn't fix.          

Way to play ball this year, Buddy!  You threw hard, hit hard, and most importantly loved every minute of it!  Go Blue Angels!


  1. SO CUTE! Woo Hooo for summer fun and pool parties!

  2. Fun! What a great way to end the season.

  3. It's fun reading a blog from my home, I am always seeing people I know in the background of your pictures!! HA!
    What an awesome trophy, and a fun pool party!