I know this is a whole day late, but it's no less short of how I feel - that I think you are all incredible moms (or will be incredible moms).  And I hope you all had a really, really Happy Mother's Day!

Besides my own mom who I love now more than ever, the moms who I couldn't help but think about most yesterday are the ones who didn't get to hold their littles tight.  You humble me and inspire me to more thankfulness than words can say.  I hope somehow your day was better than expected.

Today, I'm at home with Jake recovering from a stomach bug that hit us both around dinner time yesterday.  We're spending our day lounging, disinfecting, eating jello and Cheezits, and lounging.  And as always, Jake is keeping me real entertained - "Mom, I got a riddle for you...This is my head.  Roses are red."


  1. OH Cindy I am sorry you were sick for mother's day, bummer. Thank you for thinking of me and other hurting mommies, it was hard and this week is hard because this is the week Jonathan would of joined our family.Big sigh) Well I hope you were still blessed even though you got sick, I love those relaxing days of recovery....only if no one is throwing up LOL :) Happy Mother's DAY!

  2. I hope you were able to enjoy your day despite sickness. Happy Mothers Day

  3. My goodness, I hope you are both feeling better. And a happy belated mothers day to you!

  4. Thank you, Ladies!!! Ya'll are the best! Yes, I feel soooo MUCH better!!