labor day lovin'


Today is Labor Day which means we've had an extra day away from work and school.

Jim has to be in Montgomery tomorrow morning, so he made plans to leave today, take Parker with him, and hang with my family for the day and night putting him that much closer to where he needs to be tomorrow.  

So when he made his plans, my neighbor Erin and I made our own to take Jake and her boys to the McWane Center in B'ham.  They've used their annual passes several times this Summer and Jake had been once for a Summer camp field trip, but they'd never been together so this was a big, big deal.

A few things...

They felt the force of hurricane strong winds, balanced balls on streams of water, played tug of war, watched a science experiment using an empty plastic bottle and a balloon, and made walls out of bubbles.  

Needless to say, they wore it out and us too.  I think the only rest Erin and I got was laying on a bed of nails and sitting long enough to devour lunch.

Back to the grind early tomorrow, so here's just one from our day of the three of them watching the fish finish their lunch.

Goodnight, All!

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