A week ago today, I took Parker to see his dentist for his six month cleaning appointment.  During his checkup, his dentist raised his eyebrow of concern over the slight overbite he's developing.  

So he started asking questions about whether or not he uses a pacifier and well...his cup is his pacifier.  It's his go-to source of comfort - his lovie - especially at night so my heart just sank when he had the talk with me and the talk with P about taking it away.  He's the baby and except for his itty bitty teeth, it's one of the last things that make him baby.  

I came home and mourned another milestone down and went through our cabinet of cups and only kept one (maybe later on it will go too but for now I just like knowing it's there).  

So far so-so on saying our goodbyes.  The number of times he wakes up at night in search of it is getting fewer and farther between, so we're getting there.

I'll keep you posted.   


  1. I feel your pain. Getting rid of that one last thing that keeps them a baby is soooo hard. Good luck on the transition. Precious pic! Wish my belly was that cute ;)

  2. Good luck with the transition. It's always a hard one for everyone when it has to do with sleep, right? Love the picture!