workin' at the car wash


The toys that are his and age-appropriate for a fifteen month old or younger - still in his closet that I can't let go of (It'll require therapy.) - are out and cars are in.

Our house sits on a little bit of hill which means our driveway slopes, and his new fave is rolling his best cars down it.

This past Saturday, the water hose was already out from me bathing our fur baby, so I grabbed some soap from the kitchen and watched him shine his wheels before he sent them off on a joy ride into the grass or onto the street (whichever they crashed into first).

I couldn't decide on just one, and I thought many might make up for none from the past few days.  Taken and downloaded...just not blogged.  Gettin' there.


  1. he is such a cute little fella! love his shirt!!

  2. Thanks, Kimberley and Kristy!!!

  3. Catching up on your adorable pics....why don't you have a photography business?:)

  4. Awww...thank you, Tesha!! Maybe one day. :)