It's potty time!


For just a little over two weeks now (Maybe right at three?), Parker's been in potty boot camp.  Wow...seems so much longer than that, but I think that's because he's come a loooong way in such a short amount of time.  He's gone from shaking his head and begging, "No No No!" at just the thought of even sitting on the potty we bought just for him/a potty/any potty to asking when he needs to - even going on his own - to going anywhere and everywhere he happens to be when he needs to...even at preschool.

There, the potty-goers get two things for a reward when they use the potty - skittles and stickers; and to him, the stickers mean the most.  He shows me his fists where he's put them when I pick him up, and he always shares one with me when he's earned more than one (Yesterday, he earned three so Jake even got one too.), and obviously they're still a big deal when we get home.   

Front door down...back door to go, and we are there!  

God, give me strength.


  1. Way to go Parker! How sweet that he shares his stickers. We've started with Emma and it's not going very well. I guess I just need to stick with it:) How great to see so much progress!!

  2. Oh we are just starting and it looks like a long bumpy road:)